Updated 12/02
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MMA News https://www.mmanews.com/
MMA News

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MMA News


MMA News is a website that has everything that a fan wants. For starters let’s look at the design of the website, it looks pretty neat and articles are arranged wonderfully. The colors are quite simple and they don’t look something extra. It’s important to note that the articles are of very high quality and it’s not something that you read in you regular MMA blogs.

I have visited this website plenty of times before and it has never failed to deliver on anything that I was looking for. The results section is great, it provides plenty of details of how the fights unfolded and that is something that the avid MMA fans appreciate. I wanted to see if this website really has an extensive database, so I started searching for fighters and I found every single one of them.

MMA News is quite diverse, it also includes a Boxing section, and it’s not only fluff articles but plenty of opinions, analyses and also news. They update this section daily and the level of writing in here is excellent. I would highly suggest this section to boxing fans because it offers quality content of a level that you can find in only boxing websites. While at the moment they are putting up content regularly for this section, it’s important to notice that they have started taking Boxing seriously only in the last month or so.
However, this website does have its the negative side. They lack a database a podcast section and it’s such a pity because, with the level of the writing that they have, I am sure that these writers could come up with amazing content for these podcasts. Taking into consideration that they have just started taking the boxing section more seriously, I hope that the podcast section is next.

From what I have seen on this website, I have to say that it’s a great source of information, UFC and boxing fans will love the recent content of the website. It still has a long way to go in order to become a website that I would highly recommend. but I like the development of this website because it’s going in the right direction.

MrSportsGeek Pros for MMA News
Boxing Section
High quality content
Detailed match information

MrSportsGeek Cons for MMA News
Design could be better
No podcast section

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