Updated 09/25
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Best Sports Merchandise Sites
Love to support your team by wearing their team colors and gear? Here are some good places to shop

Mr. Sports Geek, there are tons of websites where I can buy sports merchandise, how do I know what's best?

It's always to have good options and options you have! It wasn't long ago when buying your favorite player's jersey, was a trip to the local mall and paying for a premium price, well not anymore. The beauty of the internet, brings online shopping to your fingertips with ease and enough deals to burn through your savings account.

In terms of what I look for? I always prefer quality and great prices. Many stores usually carry the same merchandise, but I always look for great deals and the best quality brands. Certain stores also offer rewards programs, so take advantage of those. Depending on which store you shop, some will have brand deals with certain brands so team apparel and merchandise may vary from site to site.

Do you prefer to shop online and what are the benefits compared to buying it at the store?

I shop online and buy in person, but It's really up to you and what works best to your liking. There is no right or wrong answer. I think the big difference between shopping online and buying from a store, is that buying online makes it convenient for any consumer as it's fast and easy, but you don't have an actual physical feel for the merchandise when buying it at a store. I prefer to have a feel or know the actual fit of what I plan to purchase, so I typically go to the store first and check out the product I want, and then buy it online after.

What about prices? If I shop online, will I get better deals?

So you came here for the deals? Well, you're in luck and I'll let you in on a simple, but effective tip to save you deep discounts while shopping online.

From my experience, I've received better deals shopping online. Many online stores offer email signups with promotional codes and it can help save you deep discounts, so take advantage of this option. These promotional deals are a way for online stores to attract first time buyers, and if you sign up by email, they will typically email you discounts every few weeks to keep you coming back for more.

There are also many apps like Honey that scours the internet for promotional discount codes. Make sure to download the app, it will definitely help save you money on your next online shopping trip.

There's a lot of fake product online, how do I know what's fake and what's real?

That's a good question! I will only provide links to reputable stores that are authorized sellers and are licensed to sell team sporting merchandise.

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