Updated 05/20
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Best Sports Stream Sites
Find and tune into your favorite team games

Are these the best sports stream sites on the net to watch free and live sports?

Unless there are other better websites out there that I'm not aware of; I'm almost certain these are the current top options moving forward.

Not every one can afford a league pass or rising cable costs so the next best thing is to watch and stream online and FREE is good! Let's admit it, we're all guilty of streaming media online, whether it's xxx, movies, or sports, it's what we all do to in our leisure time at home or at work(Yes, your boss is spying on you!).

Sports stream sites have been around for years and with technology constantly evolving, so has it's quality.

How is the quality of these streams? Are they standard quality or HD?

That's a good question! It wasn't long ago when most sports stream sites were slow and constantly buffering, they were also bad in quality as most streams had standard quality or even less. Fast forward to today and you can mostly find HD quality. Some websites offer HD links and while others offer standard quality but your chances of finding a decent to great stream are pretty good!

Do I have to download anything to watch these streams?

That's a negative! Do not ever download anything from these websites! Actually, I'm all warning you now to use an Ad-Blocker to prevent pop-ups from ruining your viewing pleasures. Ad-Blockers are free and comes with every browser available online(Google it). This is a must before using any sports stream sites.

All streams are link based and there will never be a need to download anything. I personally have made sure to only add links that are of good quality and that will always be 100% free. Again, please download an Ad-Blocker and an Anti Virus software before using any of my provided sports stream links.

I heard these streams are illegal and can I get in trouble from watching them?

The world "Illegal" is such a grey area and while these websites are Illegal to operate in the US, you are not doing anything illegal by viewing them.

Mr. Sports Geek, I really appreciate your info on all of this, is there anything else I should know?

While I do not condone any illegal activity, I suggest you invest in a league pass to watch your favorite sports team or support your local team by attending their games. Sports stream sites should be for secondary options if you cannot afford expensive, additional tv bills.

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