Updated 05/20
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LeBron James http://www.lebronjames.com/
LeBron James

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LeBron James


Widely considered as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, if not the best, LeBron James has catapulted himself into elite status as a sports athlete, as well as a brand ambassador for Nike.

A future hall of famer, LeBron James has dominated the game of basketball for many years and is also respected for his philanthropist work and his business ventures. While he may have a few more years left to play in the NBA, he has successfully managed to put himself into a position where he can thrive in the business and entertainment world once his career comes to a close.

LebronJames.com offers a view of his successful empire, which consists of "The Man", "The Philantropist", "The Businessman", and "The Athlete". Each category is a representation of LeBron James life. Each category gives you an inside look of the many things he has accomplished from his personal life with his wife and kids, to his life as a successful basketball player. As a fan, we also see the philanthropist work which he proudly represents, the
LebronJamesfoundation.org, which provides free education for young kids. While on the business side, we get to see LeBron and his partnerships with tv companies such as his show "Uninterrupted" which is a partnership with Warner Bros. and Turner Sports.

It's a great website that focuses more on Lebron's life outside of the game of basketball.

MrSportsGeek Pros for LeBron James
Clean Interface
Tons of photos to see

MrSportsGeek Cons for LeBron James
Lacks updated basketball info
Shop selection is very limited

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