Updated 10/03
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Top Sports Blogs & Articles
Read blogs and articles about your favorite sports and athletes.

Sports blogs? Mr. Sports Geek, why would I be interested in this?

Tired of just watching videos after videos of highlights and seeing visuals on all sports platforms? If you're interested in more in-depth information or simple reading, then sports blogs might just be for you. A lot of sports blogs offer a wide range of topics from many great writers; sometimes political, sometimes an athletes life outside of the game, sometimes about fashion, it's an on subject of great reading.

What else are sports blogs and articles good for?

Besides offering great reading and the fact that reading is a great way to exercise your brain, you can get additional information that could be left out of videos and sports reports. Sports blogs offer more in-depth content and insight, while providing an unbiased and open speech of information. Another great reason to read sports blogs would be the opportunity to read blogs written directly by professional athletes.

What are the best sports blogs?

Rather than searching through Google and finding tons of scattered information, I've decided to make your life easier and create a list for you. There are many great sports blog websites, but I would say Deadspin would the best. They have been around for a while now and have built a cult following due to their great writing of course, but more likely because of their unwavering, unbiased opinion of sports. As their slogan says, "Sports news without access, favor, or discretion" stands 100% true.

A close 2nd behind Deadspin as the best sports blog, would be The Players Tribune. As an avid reader, I'm use to reading sports blogs and articles from a random blogger/journalist, but having ability to read a personal blog from professional athlete? That's a game changer for me!

I think you've won me over with your list of sports blogs and articles!

Hey, reading is good for you! It trains your brain and improves your vocabulary. Not only does regular reading make you smarter, but study shows that it can increase your brain power! Think of it as a workout for your brain.

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