Updated 05/20
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Top Sportsbook Sites
Love to bet on sports? All the best sportsbook sites to bet on games!

I'm looking to bet on sports, Mr. Sports Geek. Can you help me?

So you like to bet on sports? Well, I'm here to help feed that fix! As a gambling man myself, I tend to lay down on some action from time to time and over the years, I have played on and accumulated a collection of the best and most trustworthy online sportsbook available.

For many years, sports betting was frowned upon by sports leagues in general and was typically an offshore option or a trip to Vegas. It was also common to have to deal with a local bookie if you wanted some action but things have changed over the years and the growth and commercialization of sports betting has grown exponentially! Sports Leagues such as NFL and NBA have made efforts to accept it and with the recent passing of state bills accepting sports betting, it's just a matter of time before every state in the US passes the bill allows everyone to bet legally.

Ok, so how do I start betting and where can I find these sportsbook websites?

It's really simple. Click and sign up on any of the provided links, fill out the the form and within minutes you'll have an account ready to go. Most sportsbook websites will ask for your basic info, such as name, contact info, and billing address. Don't be turned off by these questions, as every sportsbook website will need to match this info with your credit card once you make your initial payment deposit. The same info will also be used on your withdrawal if and when once you cash out on your account.

Besides credit card deposit options, most online sportsbook now also offer bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, as well as money wire through Western Union, Money Gram and a few other payment/deposit options. Once your account is setup and you have deposited money into your account, you can now start betting on games!

Which sportsbook website is the best in 2018?

So you want to know the best sportsbook website currently available? Based on my experience, from the ratings and reviews I have provided for each website which factors ease of use, betting options, customer service, payout speed, etc...

Currently, I would suggest using 5dimes! It has a very simple layout, easy to use, have been in operation for many years, tons of gaming options, decent customer service, good solid betting odds and payout history is quick! All things check well and to be honest, I still use their website.

A close 2nd would be Bovada.com as they also check the list for all things I would recommend. The negative side of playing offshore books is that, from time to time, you will run into issues with delayed withdralws(yes, your money will sometimes be in limbo) and that's an issue a gambler never wants to hear, but I have never encountered an issue which I never got my money. An option I would highly suggest with depositing and withdrawing funds would be to use bitcoins, as it seems sportsbooks tend to use them more often now and transfer funds at as much faster rate.

It is illegal to gamble on these websites?

It's a backdoor alley to the underground world of sport sbetting and it definitely is an alternative option to dealing with a crooked, local bookie. Offshore sportsbooks are offshore for a reason and using them won't get you prison time.

Shut up and take my money, Mr. Sports Geek! Give me your final thoughts, please!

Well, besides my provided information of research and reviews, it would also be wise to do your own and see what works best for you. Each website offers it's own pros and cons, as it also took me a while to figure out what worked best for me. Make sure to use a debit card or bitcoin in depositing payments and take advantage of signup bonuses, they can vary from site to site. Spend your money wisely, take good smart bets and don't be a generate! If you can follow those tips, then you might just start screaming "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner"!

Formerly known as Best Line Sports in 2001, BetOnline has been in the sportsbook industry for 15 years, operating out of Panama City, Panama. It is one of the largest sportbooks...
2. Bovada
A staple in the sports betting industry, Bovada is one of the most well known sportsbook around. Operating for almost 2 decades, they are well respected within the industry...
3. BetUs
Established in 1994, BetUS is a well known online gambling website that operates out of Costa Rica. Billing itself as "America's favorite sportsbook", we will dive into...
If you consider yourself a professional bettor, that's also willing to a large amount of action, Bookmaker is for you! So let's just get that out of way for all casual...
A relatively newcomer to the sports betting industry, Mybookie has been in business since 2012 and has carved out a positive niche, generating positive reviews from it's...
Heritage Sports
If you're looking for a sportsbook that's been around and has clout in the industry, look no further, Heritage Sports if your choice! It's one of the most trusted sites...
Nitrogen Sports
Known as a "Bitcoin only" sportsbook, NitrogenSports launched in 2012 to International and US players. It has since developed as a reputable option for many players and are...
Intertops has been around the block, 21 years to be exact. In an industry that finds itself lacking longevity, Intertops has been that trailblazer. With it it's...
As a long time sports bettor, one of the most important things I look for before signing up for a new book, is longevity. How long has the sportsbook has been around? It's...
If you've been reading my sportsbook reviews, a continuing trend I focus on is longevity. As a gambler myself, longevity is an important factor in determining whether a...

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