Updated 05/20
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Youwager https://www.youwager.eu

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As a long time sports bettor, one of the most important things I look for before signing up for a new book, is longevity. How long has the sportsbook has been around? It's not often you use many online sportsbook stick around for 20 years and Youwager has successfully achieved that feat.

Youwager is not without it's flaws, but as of recent years, it has been trending upwards and has fast become a respectable sportsbook. Let's start with the basics and see what makes Youwager a great website.

Depositing money is easy, as they accept credit cards, money cards, bank wires, and recently have accepted bitcoin payment as well. Try using the Bitcoin routes, as it's the cheapest options with no fees! So now we know about depositing methods, what about payouts? Well, I have some good news for you! Payouts is a strong point of Youwager and they make sure you get paid in a timely manner. It's strong history of fast payouts with no hassle, is the major reason why this website has been rock solid for the past few years.

Another plus to mention, Youwager offer many betting markets as it has improved over the years, covering all US major sports leagues, Canadian sports, and international leagues such as Korean and Japanese baseball or European soccer. Live betting option is also available, though it could be better, it's good enough.

While Youwager has it's pros, it does have it's cons as well and it's nothing drastic. They recently cut down their loyalty program that's sure to disappoint long term players, but still offer smaller programs to those who are patient or care enough to use them, it's nothing special but if they want to attract new players, they need add a players program to reward it's players. Also worth noting, the wager limits aren't as high compared to other top websites. This might be an issue for big bettors.

MrSportsGeek Pros for Youwager
Reputable company with longevity
Trending upwards with positive reviews
Great mobile site

MrSportsGeek Cons for Youwager
Wagering limits
Not for big bettors
Lack of players rewards programs

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