What Are the Most Popular Prop Bets Made During NBA Matches

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are wagers that do not necessarily relate to the final outcome of a game. Instead, they focus on specific events or circumstances that may or may not happen during a match. Prop bets have become increasingly popular among sports bettors, and the NBA is no exception. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular prop bets made during NBA matches.

First Basket Scorer
One of the most popular prop bets made with sportsbook promo codes in the NBA is the first basket scorer. This bet involves predicting which player will score the first basket of the game. While this may seem like a matter of luck, there are certain factors that can increase the likelihood of a particular player scoring first. For example, a player who is known for taking the first shot of the game, or a player who has a history of scoring early in matches, maybe a good choice for this type of bet.

Total Points Over/Under
Another popular prop bet in the NBA is the total points over/under. This bet involves predicting whether the total number of points scored by both teams will be over or under a specific number set by the bookmaker. The over/under number is usually set based on factors such as the teams’ offensive and defensive capabilities, the pace of the game, and any injuries or other circumstances that may affect scoring.

Player Points, Rebounds, and Assists (PRA)
The player points, rebounds, and assists (PRA) prop bet is another popular option for NBA bettors. This bet involves predicting how many points, rebounds, and assists a particular player will achieve during the game. This type of bet requires a good understanding of the player’s statistics and performance history, as well as an analysis of the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Team to Score First
Similar to the first basket scorer bet, the team to score first prop bet involves predicting which team will score first in the game. While this may seem like a simple bet, there are certain factors that can influence the outcome, such as which team has possession of the ball first and how aggressive each team is in the opening minutes of the game.

Quarter/Half Betting
Quarter and half betting prop bets are becoming more popular in the NBA. These bets involve predicting which team will be leading at the end of a particular quarter or half. For example, a bettor may predict that the Los Angeles Lakers will be leading by five points at the end of the second quarter. This type of bet can be particularly appealing for those who want to focus on smaller segments of the game rather than the overall outcome.

Player Matchups
Player matchups are another type of prop bet that has become popular in the NBA. These bets involve predicting how two particular players will perform against each other during the game. For example, a bettor may predict that LeBron James will score more points than Kevin Durant in their matchup during the game. These types of bets require a good understanding of each player’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as an analysis of how they match up against each other.

Winning Margin
The winning margin prop bet involves predicting the number of points by which the winning team will win the game. For example, a bettor may predict that the Golden State Warriors will win the game by 10 points. This type of bet can be particularly appealing for those who believe that one team is significantly better than the other but may not want to bet on the overall outcome of the game.

Final Score
Finally, the final score prop bet involves predicting the exact final score of the game. This type of bet can be particularly challenging, as it requires predicting both the winning team and the exact number of points they will score. However, this type of bet can also offer high payouts for those who are able to make an accurate prediction. Bettors can analyze each team’s scoring patterns, historical data, and other factors to make an informed prediction of the final score.

In-Game Prop Bets
In addition to the pre-game prop bets mentioned above, many sportsbooks now offer in-game prop bets for NBA matches. These bets can include predicting the outcome of a particular quarter, the next team to score, or the total number of points scored in a particular time frame. In-game prop bets can add an extra level of excitement to the game, as bettors can place wagers throughout the match based on how it is unfolding.


Prop bets have become increasingly popular among NBA bettors, and there are many different options to choose from. Whether you’re interested in predicting the first basket scorer, the total points scored, or the exact final score of the game, there is a prop bet that can suit your preferences. By analyzing data, understanding each team’s strengths and weaknesses, and keeping up with the latest NBA news and trends, you can increase your chances of making successful prop bets during NBA matches.

NoDepositHero.com Review: Everything You Need to Know

A Comprehensive Review: What You Can Expect From NoDepositHero.com

After perusing the website, we are providing our take on the strengths and limitations of NoDepositHero.com, and why it is on our list of recommended websites

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Powered by a team of experienced casino enthusiasts, the website goes beyond listing a bunch of casinos and their respective bonus codes. Instead, it provides you with detailed information about each casino, the terms and conditions of each bonus, as well as the available payment options, so that you can make an informed decision about which bonus works best for you. 

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Pros For NoDepositHero.com

Let’s go into further depth about the strengths and limitations of this website.

If you’re looking to take your casino experience to the next level, NoDepositHero.com is definitely a site worth exploring. These are some of the features that distinguish the website from other similar sites:


The website offers a well-designed and uncluttered interface. Users can navigate their way through it easily, especially by using its convenient search function which allows you to filter bonuses according to bonus type, software provider, and country. The site is also optimized for mobile devices, so that anyone can access it from anywhere, whenever.

Extensive and Updated Information

The website provides an extensive list of no deposit bonus codes, which are updated regularly. You will also get detailed information about each casino offering a bonus, including the terms and conditions associated with the bonus, the software used by the casino, and the available payment options. Casino reviews also come with a list of pros and cons so that readers can have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Specializes In No Deposit Bonuses And Free Spins

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Insightful and Well-Run Blog

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Cons For NoDepositHero.Com

Despite being an instrumental source of information, these are some limitations that you need to be aware of:

Narrow focus

Since the website focuses primarily on no deposit bonuses and free spins, players who are more interested in deposit bonuses or other types of promotions may not find the site as relevant or suitable to their needs.

Limited geographical coverage

NoDepositHero.com does not cover all online casinos, so users may have to look elsewhere to find information about the casinos that aren’t covered.

Why We Recommend This Website

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Guaranteed Fair-Play With Reputable Casinos

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The Top 5 LIV Tour Golfers

The world of professional golf faced a tumultuous year in 2022. The creation of LIV Golf – a breakaway organization from the traditional PGA and European Tours created an unprecedented rift in the game. Fronted by wealthy backers from Saudi Arabia, the concept of LIV was to create a new tour, attracting the best players in the world with huge prize money. Some players jumped at the chance to earn mega money, whereas others, like Rory McIlroy, decried that LIV would ruin the

To be frank, though, LIV started slowly, with most of the best players in the world deciding to stay with the main tours. However, bit by bit, some of the world’s best players started to drift to join the “rebels”. These players can still play the Majors, but they will no longer be represented in events like the PGA Tour. While arguably the majority of the best players remain on the PGA Tour, it has been rattled by some departures. Below we pick out the best five players who are now considered LIV

  1. Cameron Smith
    Arguably, Cameron Smith’s departure to LIV was the one that rocked traditional golf the most. He was the form player throughout most of 2022, and he is among the favorites with William Hill online betting for Majors like the Masters and The Open 2023. He is exactly the type of player that the PGA did not want to lose to the rival tour. Smith is young and coming into the peak of his powers, and it flies in the face of the perception that LIV was only able to attract the has-beens and the never-weres.
  2. Dustin Johnson
    The second most decorated golfer on this list, and arguably the one that hurts as much as Cameron Smith’s exit. Dustin Johnson has been one of the world’s best golfers in the last decade. In fact, when Johnson is “on his game”, there isn’t anybody beyond a peak Tiger Woods that could stop him. The only consolation that the traditional tours will have is that Johnson’s form was really poor in the year leading up to his defection. Still, the American is still capable of taking the world’s biggest prizes.
  1. Bryson DeChambeau
    Another one that hurts. DeChambeau is seen as something of a golf revolutionary, a man who pioneered the concept of power over accuracy. Like Johnson, DeChambeau’s form was somewhat iffy before he decided to join LIV, so that will offer some consolation. But he, too, is capable of becoming one of the world’s best again, and that will rankle with the traditionalists. DeChambeau’s studious nature – he’s nicknamed The ‘Mad’ Scientist – means he will plot his way to the top again.
  2. Bubba Watson
    Bubba Watson is a two-time Masters winner, so you can expect a frosty reception from the crowds when he returns to Augusta for the first Major of the year in April 2023. At 44 years old, Watson is arguably not going to get any better, however, and, with all due respect, it’s probably not the biggest loss for the PGA Tour to see the American go. Still, the man with two Green Jackets can expect to earn a lot with LIV.
  1. Phil Mickelson

The last name on this list is arguably the most contentious. Is Phil Mickelson one of the top five players on LIV? That’s debatable, given his age. But we do know that Mickelson is regarded as one of the best players of the modern era – his six Majors and 45 PGA Tour wins will attest to that. Indeed, he showed in 2021 that he can still turn it on when needed by winning the PGA Championship, making him the oldest player in history to win a Major.

America’s Love for Football

American football, more commonly known as NFL football, is a sport that has captured the hearts of millions of Americans and has become a cornerstone of American culture. There are a few reasons why NFL football has become so popular in the United States.

First and foremost, football is a highly competitive and physically demanding sport that requires a high level of skill and athleticism. The intense action on the field, with players making tackles, throwing passes, and scoring touchdowns, is highly entertaining to watch and keeps fans on the edge of their seats. The strategic elements of the game, including play calling and in-game adjustments, also add an element of intellectual engagement for fans.

Another reason for the popularity of NFL football is the sense of community and camaraderie that it creates. Football brings people together, whether it’s through rooting for a favorite team or bonding with friends and family over the excitement of the game. Football also has a rich history and tradition in the United States, with professional leagues dating back to the late 1800s and college football being a beloved pastime for over a century. This history and tradition adds a sense of nostalgia and pride for fans, who may have grown up with a love for the sport passed down through the generations.

In addition to the excitement and community of football, the NFL is also a major entertainment industry, with billions of dollars in annual revenue. The league has a strong presence on television, with games broadcast on multiple networks and cable channels. The NFL also has a strong digital presence, with online streaming options and social media platforms allowing fans to stay connected to their favorite teams and players. The league’s marketing efforts, including merchandise and sponsored events, also contribute to its widespread appeal.

Finally, the NFL has a strong national presence, with teams in cities across the country. This allows fans from all regions to connect with a local team and feel a sense of pride and loyalty towards their home team. The league’s postseason playoffs and the annual Super Bowl, which features the top two teams in the league competing for the championship, also add to the excitement and national appeal of the sport.

Overall, NFL football is a beloved and integral part of American culture for a variety of reasons. Its intense competition, rich history and tradition, strong entertainment industry presence, and national appeal all contribute to its widespread popularity.

Top 10 reasons why we love the NBA

The NBA is a sport we love and for many reasons. It’s a star dominated league with from past superstars like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, to current players such as LeBron James, Steph Curry and Ja Morant. It’s a fast paced sports with nonstop action, but that’s just the beginning of it. Here are out top 10 reasons why we love the NBA

  1. Exciting gameplay: NBA basketball is known for its fast-paced and high-scoring gameplay, which can be thrilling to watch. The combination of physical athleticism and strategic team play makes for an engaging and exciting sport to follow.
  2. Talented players: The NBA features some of the most talented and skilled basketball players in the world. From high-scoring superstars to defensive stalwarts, the league is full of players who can put on a show with their impressive abilities.
  3. Intense rivalries: Many NBA teams have long-standing rivalries with other teams, which can add an extra level of excitement to the games. These rivalries can be fueled by geographic proximity, past playoff matchups, or simply a longstanding competitive tension.
  4. Passionate fan bases: NBA fans are some of the most passionate in sports, and the atmosphere at NBA games can be electric. From the energy of the crowds to the creativity of the team mascots and cheerleaders, the NBA has a strong culture of fan engagement.
  5. Memorable moments: The NBA has a rich history of memorable moments, from iconic buzzer-beaters to record-breaking performances. These moments can become etched in the memories of fans and help to add to the excitement and drama of the league.
  6. High-level competition: The NBA is a global league with teams from across the United States and Canada, and it features some of the best basketball players in the world. As a result, the competition in the league is consistently high, and the games are often closely contested.
  7. Accessibility: NBA games are widely televised and streamed, making it easy for fans to follow their favorite teams and players. The league also has a strong presence on social media, which allows fans to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments.
  8. Off-court storylines: The NBA is not just about the games on the court, as there are often storylines and controversies that extend beyond the games themselves. From player trades to coaching changes to off-court drama, the NBA has no shortage of interesting storylines to follow.
  9. Cultural impact: The NBA has had a significant impact on popular culture, with many players becoming household names and cultural icons. The league has also been a leader in social and political activism, with many players using their platforms to speak out on important issues.
  10. Love of the game: Ultimately, many people love NBA basketball simply because they love the game of basketball itself. Whether it’s the thrill of the competition, the excitement of the gameplay, or the sheer beauty of the sport, there are many reasons to love NBA basketball.

Top 5 Premier League Players 2022

As we are now facing a break in the action for almost six weeks due to the Qatar World Cup, it feels like a good moment to take stock of the (interrupted) Premier League season. After just over a dozen games, it might be too early to draw some conclusions. But we can say with some certainty that Arsenal really do look like title contenders, although Manchester City remain the firm favorites. We can also say that Manchester United and Chelsea look like teams in transition, and Newcastle look like joining the elite. Of course, all of this might look somewhat foolish by the end of May 2023.

However, we can be almost objective when we cite the players that have performed well so far this season. Some obvious candidates have set the Premier League alight, whereas some players have simply surprised us all. Here is our list of the top five best performers:

  1. Erling Haaland (Manchester City)

    No guesses for the top place – he has arguably been the best player in the world over the last few months. His tally of 23 goals for Manchester City has come in just 17 games, an incredible feat. His form is the reason that City are listed as the favorite by online betting platforms for the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup. It goes without saying that Haaland is favorite for the Golden Boot, too. In fact, he is on course to break the all-time scoring record in a Premier League season. So, a firm pick for number one as the best player in the Premier League so far this season – if not the world.

2. William Saliba (Arsenal)

We mentioned earlier that Arsenal should now be considered Premier League title contenders. Of course, they are top of the league at the moment, which suggests that is a no-brainer. However, Arsenal have flattered to deceive before, as many of the Gunners fans will tell you. One of the reasons that many critics have changed their minds is that the North London team has added steel to their undoubted flair. And the best example of that is the towering French defender William Saliba. He’s been brilliant all season for the Gunners, allowing the midfield and attack to flourish.

  1. Miguel Almiron (Newcastle)

    While Almiron’s tally of goals pales in comparison to the mercurial Haaland’s, the Newcastle forward has been on a path to redemption. He is, if we are honest, but one of a number of Newcastle players who could have made this list, but we opted for Almiron because he has done so much to turn his fortunes around. Newcastle are now firmly in the hunt for a Champions League spot, something that would have been unthinkable just 18 months ago. Almiron’s form has rocketed them up to third
    place in the table, and he looks like he is getting better every week.

  2. David De Gea (Manchester United)

    Perhaps the most controversial selection here, but please hear us out. Manchester United have conceded 19 goals in the Premier League and have produced some very sorry performances. Moreover, De Gea was at fault for goals in some of those worst performances (versus Brentford, in particular). In saying that, the Spaniard has also been at his best for 99% of the time. Some of the saves he has pulled off this season could not have been done by any other goalkeeper in the world. Bar those couple of mistakes, De Gea has been superb.

    5. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

    Yes, it’s a little bit boring to cite De Bruyne on this list because he has always been brilliant. However, we cannot leave out the Belgian due to his continued excellence for City this season. One thing we have noticed about the midfielder is that he is the man for the tight occasion. City regularly swat teams aside with ease, with Haaland bagging hat-tricks in 4-0 and 5-0 victories. But when things aren’t going the way of the champions, it seems to be De Bruyne who pops up with a late winner or equalizer. The best midfielder on the planet.

Los Angeles Dodgers and Freddie Freeman agree to a 6 year, $162 million dollar deal

It’s official, the Los Angeles Dodgers have acquired Freddie Freeman. The longtime Atlanta Braves superstar, has agreed to sign with the Dodgers for a reported 6 years, $162 million dollar contract.

The 2020 National League MVP and most recent World Series MVP, joins an already star-studded Dodgers vying for yet another World Series run. Freeman, a Southern California native, recently won a World Series title after batting .300 with 31 home runs and 83 RBIs last season.

A strong power hitter, along with a great defense at first base, Freeman is slotted to bat 3rd or cleanup for an already potent Dodgers line up.

Canadian Sport Awards Honour Achievements, Impact of National Athletes

Canada has been participating in most sporting activities. These sports have brought significant impacts on Canada, and at the Canadian Sport Awards, the extraordinary achievements of Canada’s national team athletes were recognized.  Punters have had an opportunity to bet on their favorite sports by visiting the best sports betting site in Canada for fun. 

The 44th edition offered five awards, honoring Canadian athletes’ accomplishments and far-reaching contributions, with a star-studded list of contenders. The victors were announced in a virtual broadcast last Wednesday by AthletesCAN, the national team athletes’ organization.

The finalists for the first three prizes were announced, with the last two lists of nominations announced last Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Discussed below were the awards:

People’s choice award

This award honors current or retired national athletes who have either taken the virtual world by storm with an unforgettable event or made beneficial contributions through a digital platform, as determined by the fans.

Ten people were nominated, nine from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics or Paralympics. The winner was the Women’s National Team.

True sport award

This award honors a remarkable Canadian who represents the best sporting principles, such as sportsmanship, perseverance, and inclusion.

Kate O’Brien, a paralympic cyclist, was nominated together with Alphonso Davies, a soccer player, Leylah Fernandez, and Olympic race walker Evan Dunfee. Evan Dunfee emerged the winner.

Kate O’Brien

After weathering a life-altering crash in 2017 that left her with significant brain damage and other substantial physical impairments, O’Brien successfully finished her long and arduous trek to the Paralympic podium.

After doctors warned her she might never walk again, the 33-year-old Calgary native earned silver in Tokyo’s C4-5 500-meter time trial.

Alphonso Davies

For the first time since 1997, Davies assisted in guiding the men’s national soccer team to the final stage of CONCACAF qualification, putting them one step closer to a World Cup berth for the first time since 1986.

The 21-year-old Edmontonian was elected a global goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees earlier this year, making him the first Canadian and soccer player to do so.

Leylah Fernandez

Fernandez had a spectacular year, including her maiden Olympic appearance and a runner-up result at the US Open. She advanced to the final by defeating three top-five opponents, including defending champion Naomi Osaka.

With her incredible run, the 19-year-old wonder of Filipina-Ecuadorian origin inspired a new generation of Canadians, particularly in immigrant communities across the country.

Evan Dunfee

In the sport’s longest event, Dunfee won Olympic bronze in Tokyo’s 50-kilometer race walk event with an incredible sprint in the final moments, clocking 3 hours, 50 minutes, and 59 seconds. The Richmond, B.C. native showed sportsmanship by not challenging his contentious fourth-place finish at the last Games in Rio, where he was knocked off his stride by the eventual bronze medalist.

The 31-year-old set the national record in the 10,000-meter race walk this year, in addition to winning Canada’s first Olympic race walking medal in 29 years. Eventually, he won the award.

AthletesCAN Social Responsibility Award

This award honors current or former members of the Canadian national team who have used their platform as high-profile athletes to positively influence their sport or community on a local, national, or international level.

The award honors contributions to projects that promote diversity, inclusiveness, community, equity, volunteerism, and social change. Andre De Grasse, a sprinter, is among the nominees, along with fellow Olympians Mandy Bujold (boxing), Stephanie Labbé (soccer), and Kim Gaucher (soccer) (basketball).

Andre De Grasse

In May, De Grasse created the virtual challenge “RACE WITH ME!” to encourage children across Canada to get active to overcome the adverse mental and physical effects of pandemic restrictions.

The eight-week event, which was themed after a motivating picture book he published this summer, encouraged kids to race 400 meters before reporting their times online for a chance to win prizes. The six-time Olympic medalist from Markham, Ont. also provided the competitors with advice and words of support.

Mandy Bujold

The two-time Olympian created history by winning a precedent-setting case against the International Olympic Committee.

After being considered ineligible due to missing time during the qualification period due to pregnancy and postpartum depression, the 34-year-old earned a well-deserved spot at Tokyo 2020.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport declared that the qualification standards must include accommodation for women who were pregnant or postpartum during the qualification period due to Bujold’s victorious fight for gender parity.

Stephanie Labbe

The Canadian women’s goalkeeper has helped break down barriers to LGBTQ inclusiveness. She continues to help establish safe spaces for the Pride community while passionately advocating for LGBTQ visibility in sport.

Labbé’s efforts have resulted in forming a Sports Inclusion Task Force and launching a new Sports Inclusion website.

Kim Gaucher

Gaucher successfully convinced Tokyo 2020 organizers to amend their COVID-19 protocols, allowing Olympians to bring their newborn newborns to the city.

The basketball athlete from Mission, British Columbia, was still breastfeeding her three-month-old daughter and feared losing her Olympic goal. The 37-year-old used social media to argue her case, and her perseverance resulted in a verdict that permitted her and others to compete.

The AthletesCAN Social Responsibility Award was won by Mandy Bujold.

AthleteVoice award

This award recognizes remarkable accomplishments within a national sport organization, multi-sport organization, or international sports organization by athlete representatives. The award honors excellent leadership, boldness, and innovation, focusing on bringing about positive change.

This award was won by Karen Paquin.

Bruce Kidd Leadership award

This award honors a retired national team athlete, sports leader, or organization for their efforts as a leader, advocate, change agent, or builder in the Canadian sport sector.

Dr. Bruce Kidd, is a 1968 Canadian Sports Hall of Fame inductee who made significant contributions to Canada’s sports community as an athlete, advocate, author, historian, and academician. 

The award was won by Jennifer Heil.

Can Aaron Rodgers drive Green Bay to Super Bowl glory?

At points, over the course of the summer, it wasn’t entirely clear whether Aaron Rodgers would call time on his career at the Green Bay Packers, with speculation rife that the veteran wasn’t happy with life at Lambeau Field. Now, following a sparkling regular season, the 38-year-old is now looking to guide Matt LeFleur’s side towards the Super Bowl.

The Packers finished the season with an excellent 13-4 record that saw them winning the NFC North for the third each in a row before clinching the first seed spot in the NFL playoffs and a great deal of the reason for such a strong season were the consistent displays put in by Rodgers.

Green Bay is now placed as favorites to clinch the Super Bowl with odds provided by
comparison service sidelines.io of (+375) and with a playoff against the San Francisco 49ers standing between them and an NFC Championship game.

Rodgers is on course to clinch back-to-back NFL MVP awards as he looks to see off
competition from Tom Brady for that honor after a season that saw the quarterback post 4115 passing yards and 37 touchdowns but perhaps the most impressive stat comes in the form of just four interceptions thrown all season. As a guide, that’s a third of those thrown by Brady.

One thing is for certain when it comes to NFL stars who generate media interest, Rodgers is second to none. This season saw the Green Bay star face a lot of criticism for his vaccination status, and he’s never really spent a week out of the media spotlight; and he was in particularly good form in a recent interview where he went all out against a number of individuals.

“I don’t want to apologize for being myself,”

“I just want to be myself.” Rodgers began ominously.

On being censured for his opinions, he continued;

“Are they censoring terrorists or pedophiles? Criminals, who have Twitter profiles? No, they’re censoring people, and they’re shadow-banning people who have dissenting opinions about vaccines,”

“When you censor and make pariahs out of anybody who questions what you believe in or what the mainstream narrative is, that doesn’t make any sense.”

“When the president of the United States says, ‘This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ it’s because him and his constituents, which, I don’t know how there are any if you watch any of his attempts at public speaking, but I guess he got 81 million votes,”

“But when you say stuff like that, and then you have the CDC, which, how do you even trust them, but then they come out and talk about 75% of the COVID deaths have at least four comorbidities. And you still have this fake White House set saying that this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated; that’s not helping the conversation.”

He also found time to make a sly reference to Tom Brady and Deflategate; such is the way with Rodgers, an individual who should perhaps just let his NFL game do the talking rather than discussing other matters that only seem to lead him into trouble.

Regardless of his outspoken nature, it’s clear Rodgers still has a lot in the tank, and backing his Packers to go all the way this season seems like a fairly solid bet right now.

Staples Center will be renamed Crypto.com Arena

A 700 million dollar naming rights deal

The house that Kobe Bryant built, the Staples Arena, will be going through a name change. In what is one of the largest naming rights deal ever made, Crypto.com has bought the rights to renaming Staples Center to Crypto.com Arena for $700 million/20 year deal

Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency platform and exchange business based in Singapore. The rebranding ushers in a generational shift in which cryptocurrencies dominates the new business world and the renaming rights reflects that as it makes its move to gain mainstream recognition.

With the name change going into effect Christmas Day, the Arena will continue to be home for Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, NHL’s Kings and WNBA’s Sharks.