Updated 02/28
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OddsJam https://oddsjam.com/

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A new player in the fast growing, sports betting industry. OddsJam is a sports betting tool that offers arbitrage and value betting. It's a great and useful tool for for any bettors, casual or expert, looking to gain an advantage. With that being said, let's dig in and look deeper into the website.

Let's start off with layout design and interface. As a bettor, you always want clear and precise information, especially with numbers as it can be confusing when it's not properly displayed, which could lead to mistakes and cost bettors money. Oddjsam interface shows just that, clear and straight to the point. Layout design is informative, clear and offers plenty of options on it's tabs (Sports, Betting Tools, Calculators, Bet Tracker, etc.) It's an easy to navigate website.

Now let's talk about the features! Oddsjam offers plenty of it, but what I like the most is Arbitrage Betting, Middle Betting and Bet Tracker. Arbitrage Betting tool, shows real time tracking odds on multiple Sportsbook (+30) platforms and allows you to bet on both sides, while exploiting the best percentage of profit. It scans plenty of sports odds from NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, etc., enough to keep any bettor busy.

With Middle Betting tool, it provides middle bets on all sports, sorted by profit margins. It's rare to for a middle bet outcome to happen, but hey, it's betting and we like the action right?

Bet Tracker, is a tool which allows you to track your bets on multiple Sportsbook market. The tool allows you to track your your wins and losses, day and weekly profits, ROI and your most profitable market. Personally, this is a must tool for any bettor, casual or expert.

Now that we've covered the features, is Oddsjam worth paying for? If you're a bettor and are always looking for advantage, I think that answer should always a be YES! Oddsjam pricing plans are divided in 2; Arbitrage Plan $99/month and Industry Plan $199/month. While each plan offers different options and every user has their own preferences, I suggest trying out their 7 day FREE trial first to get a better understanding of what will work best for you. It's risk free and I'm confident Oddsjam will be a great tool to help give you a betting advantage.

In conclusion...Sports betting is big business. The hard reality is, you will win some and you will lose some. Modern technology software, allows bettors to have access to statistical numbers which could lead to an advantage, that most bettors have never had before. Take the smart play of what Oddsjam has to offer, it's worth it!


MrSportsGeek Pros for OddsJam
Great user interface
Extensive market availability
Bet tracker and statistics availability
Free 7 day trial

MrSportsGeek Cons for OddsJam
Fairly new service

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